Came the long-awaited month for all Spaniards and make the annual tax declaration by which the spanish solicitors, specifically the tax lawyer in Spain, are extremely requested for this time.

Because although residents in Spain can turn appointment to the revenue offices so they can help them with the draft declaration. There are many who previously visit a tax lawyer in Spain, in order to avoid a surprise of treasury or rather open pandora’s box of treasury.

The tax lawyer in Spain, says that there are ten mistakes that taxpayers can make, especially hurry to collect the money that will return you the treasury

One of the most common mistakes are possible changes in marital status, the birth of a child, death or disability; It is important that each of these data, this reflected in the draft properly, because it is one of the items that most affect on the issue of money.

Spanish solicitors recommend their customers, always look carefully what suits are better for the marriages, to make the declaration together or individually. This item is complemented with the above, being that if one spouse does not work or does not receive more than a certain amount of money, can be beneficial to do it together.

So taxpayer, learn about issues such as regional aid existing in your place of residence, because often we left forgotten and we do not see how beneficial they can be. At the same time make sure if you can opt for the deduction for renting or buying a home, advice with one of the spanish solicitors specialized in this field, it is the best. Because treasury, surprises can leave you out of place.

The advisable thing always will be the advice but that is done in time, since hacienda neither expects nor forgives anyone; the professionals of this area will always help to find the most viable solution and also the most profitable for anyone and that in any situation, whether single, married, with children or without children, since all these factors influence one outstanding way when making tax declarations.